St Mina’s Children’s Home

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn.

Transform a Child’s Life

In 2011, Father Mark was confronted with the heartbreaking circumstances of a large number of Fijian children and decided things had to change. His vision to start a children’s home became a reality in 2013 when St Mina’s Children’s Home in Nadi was opened and provided safe refuge for six kids.
Starting out in a small, rented building with few facilities, Father Mark’s vision to build a beautiful home for up to 80 children was realised in 2019, thanks to your generous donations.
Run by the Coptic Orthodox Church of Fiji, the home currently houses 18 children, from infants to kids in their early teens. A team of 12 Fijian staff care for the children to ensure they are raised in a loving environment where they blossom, grow in confidence and receive a high-quality education

Making a Real Difference

Many children on Fiji live in appalling situations due to poverty, abuse, disability and a range of psychological issues. Without access to education, good nutrition and loving care, these children have no hope of a better future

“ Every child deserves the opportunity to learn.

A caring, loving environment
High quality of life
Round-the-clock care
These children are given the opportunity to reach their full potential and go to university to break the cycle of poverty and build a new life with hope and a promising future.
We’ve achieved so much already but we need additional funding to provide round-the-clock care for these children. Consider becoming a regular donor to support this life-changing ministry and give vulnerable Fijian children the hope of a better future.

Success Stories

Our medical work through the Losana Diabetes and Wellness Clinic has already impacted countless Fijian lives and started as soon as the first clinic was underway
Payaz, a young Indo-Fijian girl in her teens, came from a difficult family background and had to seek shelter. Sad and frightened, she struggled at first but as time passed, she started to feel at home and made friends with the other children in the home.
The safe, caring environment built her confidence and transformed her from the inside out. She discovered a passion for law and was given the opportunity to study law at university. Her dream is to use her education and skills to help people in need in her local community.

How can you Help?

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